Based on your formatting needs, our team will modify your manuscript's layout, spacing and references according to the target journal's guidelines before submission. We provide journal formatting services, and typesetting and reformatting services.

Journal Formatting

When you select this service, we will make sure that your manuscript matches the target journal's style sheet. You won't have to worry about changing your manuscript's layout, spacing, or references according to the target journal's guidelines - we'll take care of that for you.

If your manuscript does not include something required by the target journal, our formatting team will send you a list of the missing elements, with a brief description of how to add them to your paper.

Here's a list of just a few things that our formatting team can do for you:

  • Adapting text to suit style, spelling, and punctuation requirements
  • Reformatting references and citations to suit the target journal's style
  • Reorganizing the main sections of your manuscript according to the target journal's guidelines
  • Rearranging tables, figures, and figure legends to suit guidelines
  • Condensing the abstract or main text to fit within the target journal's word limit
  • Ensuring that the manuscript adheres to special instructions (e.g., acronyms, units, and symbols)

Typesetting and Reformatting

Typesetting is an integral part of preparing a manuscript before submission to the target journal. Formatted documents can be provided in standard-text format, which includes the same paragraph breaks and bold/italicized words as the original text. In-house proofreading ensures that texts have been placed correctly. Our experts can enhance the quality of your manuscript by:

  • Arranging the text, tables and figures on the predefined specifications of page sizes
  • Generating the complete manuscript that is ready for print
  • Reformatting the text and images in the required style
Quality Guarantee

editEon offers 100% on-time delivery guarantee. This ensures that all your editing assignments will be delivered at the date and time stipulated at the time of job confirmation.

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