The editEon is sensitive to quality and confidential issues. We believe it is important authors know how we treat the information we receive from them.

The editEon Quality Guarantee applies to every document edited by us, regardless of service, deadline, or fees.

Our Quality Guarantee

We focus on providing good quality, consistently, assignment after assignment, and response client complaints very seriously. We guarantee that the quality of the edited document will be of international standards. In case a client feels that the editing is not in line with the service definition or has received unfavorable reviewer comments on the language quality, he/she can approach our complaint resolution team. Process for complaint resolution.

Quality at editEon is of extreme significance and to ensure that our authors feel completely assured .

Quality Review System(QRS)

To ensure that your manuscript meets international publication standard, editEon has introduced Quality Review System(QRS). Every manuscript undergoes QRS for maintaining highest level of quality at every step of editing process. QRS is a three tier editorial evalution process and it reviews the manuscript thoroughly and consistently until it is delivered to the author.


We provide 365days free re-editing process

  • If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the edit.
  • If your manuscript is rejected by the journal because of the quality of English.

How we respond your complaint

  • First the overall quality of the edited paper is assessed.
  • Based on the service chosen, we count the errors found and arrive at the quality score.
  • We will implement preventive action.
Our goal will not achieve until you are satisfied.

Our Service Guarantee

We will meet the deadlines we set for returning your work to you. We will waive the full fee for any editing assignment that is delayed due to an error on our part.

Assignment Delivery

In every case, we deliver manuscripts to our clients on or before the deadline.

  • At the time of manuscript delivery, you will get a confirmation e-mail from our side that confirms your manuscript has successfully delivered to you.
  • You can download your edited manuscript from your secure interface at any time.

Assignment Delay

In very rare cases when we unable to meet your deadline due to some uneven circumstances, we will compensate you for the inconvenience.

  • In that case, your paid amount will be credited to your editEon fund and you can use it for future assignments or if you wish to refund back the paid amount, it will return to you.
  • In case of credit/debit card payments, the amount will be reflected in next card transaction. For bank/wire transfer, we will wire back your paid amount within seven working days.
Quality Guarantee

editEon offers 100% on-time delivery guarantee. This ensures that all your editing assignments will be delivered at the date and time stipulated at the time of job confirmation.

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