When your manuscript has made its journey from draft to final copy, and the target journal has been chosen, the next step of the publishing process involves sending the paper carefully, following the step-by-step submission process, which varies from journal to journal. Each step requires attention to detail and collaboration between the author and the editor to achieve successful publication and make the process a positive one for everyone concerned.

At editEon, we help you at every stage of the publication process. We also monitor the manuscript status throughout the peer review and publication processes.

Here's what our journal submission team will do for you:

  • Create an account for you in the journal's page for online submission
  • Complete all the necessary steps in the journal submission process
  • Write a compelling cover letter to the journal elucidating the novelty of your work
  • Fill the copyright transfer form, patient consent form, and ethics statement
  • Get the list of prospective reviewers from you and fill the corresponding form
  • Inform you of any missing information required for journal submission
  • Upload your manuscript along with the figures and tables
  • Check the uploaded manuscript file format and approve submission
  • Get in touch with the journal editor on your behalf
  • Provide you the detailed information related to journal submission

Our journal submission team will not:

  • Check the manuscript for adherence to journal style
  • Check the suitability of the journal
  • Ensure acceptance by the journal
  • Respond to comments from the journal editor or peer reviewer
Quality Guarantee

editEon offers 100% on-time delivery guarantee. This ensures that all your editing assignments will be delivered at the date and time stipulated at the time of job confirmation.

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