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Without editEon, I cannot imagine that I could publish two articles and complete my Ph.D course. A great job and a great cost-benefit. I have tried ot... more

I am very satisfied with the editEon's English editing service. The editor made appropriate changes and improved the quality of my manuscript. Orderin... more

I am happy with the overall quality of my edited manuscript. Thank you very much. I would use your service for my future assignments. more

editEon is very punctual. You can get response to your request, immediately. Also I think that editEon's editors are very experienced. I had some conc... more

Its really a high quality editing service and I'm quite pleased about the work. If an author is seeking qualified editing and publication support, thi... more

This is the first time I use editEon's English editing for my manuscript. I would say that I am satisfied with their quick responses and professional ... more

My paper is published online today; thank you very much for your effort on my manuscript. I hope we can have more opportunities to cooperate in the fu... more

For non-native speakers like me, errors in written English are awfully common and journals' rejections due to these errors are inevitable. I chose edi... more

I have used editEon's service several times and I never had any complaints about the service provided. At all times my experience has been satisfactor... more

I would like to thank editEon for the high quality of your editing service. I'm looking forward to cooperating with you again in the future. more

I would like to say that the paper I sent to editEon for editing was successfully accepted. Thank you very much for careful editing and detailed advic... more

We are satisfied with the technical quality of the services and the administrative processes followed in realization and execution of editing. We felt... more

This is my first time using editEon, the process from quotation to delivery is very smooth and simple. Although my subject area is uncommon, the quali... more

The editors at editEon did a great job. editEon's editing and Manuscript Rate Card helped me add more value and understand the subject matter well. Qu... more

It's the first time we cooperate with each other and I'm very satisfied! Thanks for the highly-efficient, patient and professional attitude! more

I used editEon service as it was referred by a co-worker. I am satisfied with the high quality. The response is also quick and good. I will recommend ... more

Wonderful service! editEon is very reliable, and exceptional editing service worth recommending. The editors are committed and highly skilled. This is... more

editEon proved to be a deadline oriented and quality driven editing service provider. The editors showed vast and thorough knowledge. They were quite ... more

Appropriate editing displayed your professional expertise. Native English editing highly improved the quality of my manuscript. My paper has been acce... more

Being introduced with editEon has helped me a lot. Along with my manuscript getting a professional revision, I received informative tips for improving... more

Thanks so much for your English editing. My paper was accepted in the first round of submission only with minor revision because of you! more

I think this service provided by editEon is very helpful, reliable, and no doubt stimulate the publishing rate of our research work in my group. I am ... more

It was the first time that I used the editEon service for my manuscript. It was excellent, precise and quick. I strongly recommended this service for ... more

It is quite good and fast. I am amazed by the editor's clear and detailed recommendation. My paper has been accepted by BMC Bioinformatics afterwards.... more

It is the second time that I turn to editEon for correction of my scientific papers within a year. This morning I received the email from editor of In... more

I would like to inform you that my article was accepted by scientific journal, thanks to the work of you that was excellent. more

editEon helps me for editing to reduce use of unnecessary words, add articles where necessary, include transition phrasing as needed, use appropriate ... more

I was surprised at the good service you provide at low prices. You edited the paper a lot. And you were so fast that I could submit my paper by the de... more

I had one of my articles edited at editEon. They did a rigorous and commendable job and my paper received a very favourable revise and resubmit at a t... more

Simply incredible. Writer did an outstanding job and you guys saved me again giving me enough time to finish the assignment. Thank you again. more

Great service for non-native English writing authors! editEon's English editing service helps me to formulate my ideas in more clear and straight forw... more

The day before yesterday I received the results of your revising work on my manuscript for the first time. I am satisfied with reviewing work, price, ... more

In first attempt get accepted an academic paper in the international journal was never easy job, until I know about editEon. They will give a prefect ... more

Good quality service for a reasonable price. After editing by editEon, my manuscript has been finally accepted for publication in JACS. more

Very well written. The best yet. Thank you so much and delivered way ahead of schedule. I will recommend this service to my colleague. more

I have been using editEon service for editing my manuscripts. I would say that I am satisfied with their quick responses and professional assistances. more

Thanks so much for your English editing; you made this paper got accepted in the first round of submission only with minor revision! more

It was the second time that I used the editEon services for my manuscript. It was excellent, precise and quick. I strongly recommended this service fo... more

This is the first time I use editEon to improve our manuscript, and I found it works very well. The revisions in the manuscript are very detailed and ... more

Thanks editEon. I really appreciate the work you've done. And also thanks to you for co-operation and fulfilling all my needs. more

editEon helped me to improve my manuscript. Furthermore, it is fast and effective. My paper was accepted after the English editing. more

I had tried several English editing services in the past and finally I chose editEon, because I am very satisfied with the quality of the editing, the... more

Although it was the first time, I was very satisfied with the service provided, with regard to their punctuality, cost-benefit, but mainly the transla... more

I have send out two manuscripts to editEon. The service is very professional. The revision time is very short and the revisions are very accurate. I w... more

This is the second time to revise my manuscript, the editor of editEon is very professional and efficiency. Thanks again. more

This is the first time for me to use editEon to edit my manuscript. It is a highly recommended editing service. This service was very impressive to me... more

The helpful remarks of editEon gave me the possibility to submit a manuscript in a good language standard. The revision detects some repeatedly occurr... more

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