Science writing is a crucial component of many phases of the research process. The progression of research often begins with the submission of a written document or documents presenting a hypothesis for testing with the accompanying request for the appropriate funds to test that hypothesis. Securing intramural or extramural funding to conduct one's research is fundamental to a scientist's academic career and professional success. Equally important to the successful research scientist's reputation is their ability to report the findings of their research efforts. Publication in appropriate scientific journals has often been considered the last step in the research process; without which the research lacks the public audience necessary to appreciate and judge the work.

While most, if not all, scientists understand and appreciate the importance of document development and writing for the scientific community, some highly skilled and productive researchers don't have the time or writing skills necessary to meet this important demand. For these individuals, the editEon offers a number of writing, editing, revising and reviewing options to ease the document development process. We have experienced writers who can help produce and/or polish research grants, study protocols and manuscripts for publication in prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journals. The writing service pairs scientists with writers who are:

  • Scientifically qualified
  • Trained as medical and/or science writer
  • Experienced
  • Knowledgeable about diabetes research from sophisticated laboratory work to innovative, dynamic clinical studies
  • Able to offer a tailored and personal writing experience.
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editEon offers 100% on-time delivery guarantee. This ensures that all your editing assignments will be delivered at the date and time stipulated at the time of job confirmation.

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