Choosing your target journal requires careful thought. The acceptance of your paper is as much an indication of accurate journal selection as of high-quality research. The journal that publishes your paper will determine your audience, your chances of being cited and, more importantly, your reputation in your field of specialization.

Selecting the right scientific journal can be challenging, especially for first-time authors or multi-disciplinary research studies. For previously published authors, accurate journal selection for publication ensures speedy dissemination of their manuscript. This helps manage time efficiently as a manuscript can only be submitted to one journal at a time and the peer-review process is often time consuming.

At editEon, our editors have vast experience in publishing and editing. Trust them to recommend an appropriate journal where your research paper will have maximum chances of publication. Take a look at the factors they will consider during journal selection.

  • Is the journal peer reviewed?
  • Which journals have the best reputation for publishing in your field?
  • Impact Factor of the Journal
  • Is the journal published by a society? (Society journals are usually the most prestigious and have the largest circulation)
  • Type of study (e.g., clinical study, case study, laboratory study)
  • Which journals have the kind of expertise that would ensure your paper is given a "fair hearing"?
  • Are there journals whose readership you need/want to influence?
  • Do you like the look of the published articles - the format, typeface, and style used in citing references?
  • If relevant, does the journal publish short and/or rapid communications?
  • What is the focus of the journal; is it broad or narrow? Which disciplines are represented? What is the journal's research orientation; is it basic, theoretical, or applied?
  • Does it have an online submission system?
  • How quickly do you wish to publish?

After matching these factors with your requirements, our team shall shortlist five to six journals. You can then choose the target journal where you wish to publish your paper.

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